Why Movement

Movement is Life began in 2010 with a mission to address musculoskeletal disparities among women and individuals of color from underserved communities. We understand that joint pain results in lower levels of physical activity which promotes obesity. Extra weight puts more pressure on the joints, leading to increased pain. In addition, low physical activity and obesity lead to the development of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression. We know that women and individuals in underserved communities are more likely to get trapped in this vicious cycle resulting in a shorter life expectancy, lower quality of life, and greater healthcare costs. We work to promote early interventions to increase movement in at-risk individuals to break this vicious cycle!


Our Goal:

Be a catalyst for change by energizing multi-disciplinary work groups to develop measurable, short-term action plans that “move the needle” on critical factors that drive musculoskeletal disparities. We must find ways to make an impact now, while long-term solutions are being developed.

Our strategies include: 

RAISING AWARENESS of the epidemic of limited mobility and developing functional solutions to reduce disparities.

STRATEGIZING with healthcare providers, community leaders and other stakeholders to combat the disparate rate of disabling joint pain among women, African Americans, Hispanics, and individuals in rural communities.

IMPLEMENTING community-based initiatives to combat the alarming rates of arthritis and co-morbid conditions that lead to immobility.

ADVOCATING to decrease musculoskeletal health disparities that contribute to joint pain and immobility.

EDUCATING patients on the importance of daily physical activity to decrease poor joint health and improve overall health.