The Value Project

  • In today’s healthcare system what does Value mean?
  • Are the values of patients/consumers, practitioners/caregivers, and organizations aligned to provide ideal care? What do you think? Is anyone happy or satisfied? Is healthcare being delivered at all?
  • A study from the University of Utah found a significant disconnect between what patients feel is most valuable to their healthcare experience and what policy is currently incentivizing.
  • The Value Monograph explores how value is operationalized in payment models and shares the lens through which patients view value via real-life patient experiences.
  • In a qualitative study completed by Movement is Life, patient focus groups passionately shared they value effective communication, professionalism, and competence during a provider/patient healthcare encounter.
  • Analysis of patient focus group data also illuminated the need to incorporate improved communication strategies into a providers’ practice. Communication and respectful treatment are all within a providers’ capabilities.
  • The Value Monograph, PowerPoints, Videos, Discussion Guide and Podcasts located here, aim to explore how value is operationalized in payment models and shares how patients view value through real-life patient experiences.
  • This educational bundle of resources, focused on the healthcare “value” concept, can be easily tailored to meet your learner’s needs. Case studies which highlight strategies to make interactions more effective can prompt a robust discussion on the healthcare value paradox, improved communication strategies and effective patient encounters.

Value: Defined By Whom – Patient Perspective?

Value: Defined By Whom – Provider Perspective?

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