Take advantage of these resources from Movement is Life to begin working toward health equity in your community.

Shared Decision Making Tool
The Movement is Life Shared Decision Making tool is an educational tool intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider. Use this tool to help inform your health decisions.

The Value Project
In today’s healthcare system what does Value mean? Are the values of patients/consumers, practitioners/caregivers, and organizations aligned to provide ideal care? A study from the University of Utah found a significant disconnect between what patients feel is most valuable to their healthcare experience and what policy is currently incentivizing.

The Value Monograph explores how value is operationalized in payment models and shares the lens through which patients view value via real-life patient experiences.

Social Determinants Discussion Kit
We often talk about the importance of eliminating health disparities across race, ethnicity, gender, income and zip code. The discussion kit is designed to facilitate conversations about the extent of health disparities, the role of social determinants of health, and historical root causes of disparities in America.